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August 15, 2022


I wrote a brief social media post about kindness a couple of years ago when Covid began, and I believe, now more than ever is the perfect time to revisit kindness. With so much chaos and conflict in our world today, many are still searching for ways to cope and manage what feels like rampant unrest; as one issue clears, another appears.

One way to manage all of this, is to choose to live above it; elevate your mindset and vibration to be above the chaos.  We can all do this by radiating love.  It might sound complicated, but it's not.  It does take practice, though, to stop and think, and chose before acting and responding.   A practice of love, giving without the expectation of receiving anything in return radiates love.  This is also understood as kindness.  Kindness is love.  When kindness is given, it radiates, just as the vibration of one drop of water in a pond spread in concentric circles.  So, in these times of unrest, choose kindness, it is an active process.  It is a choice.

Try these three steps… 1. Be kind, 2. Be kind, 3. Be kind.

  1. Be kind to yourself – practice good self-care, do something every day that feeds your soul, recharges you.  This could look like daily meditation, spending time in nature, play an instrument, create – write, draw, paint, or create in any other way, read a favorite book, eat a healthful diet, exercise – move your body, and get plenty of sleep – just to name a few.   
  2. Be kind to your family – spend uninterrupted time with each and every person that matters to you. As many know , that is how we feel valued/loved. When someone spends time with me, just focused on being with me, I feel valued, cared for, loved and important to them. Take time every day, turn your phone off and put it away and just be together. Play games, talk, interact, try crafting, hobbies, cook together, go for a hike in nature, or anything else.
  3. Be kind to others and all – many around us have less, and fewer opportunities than we have in our grasp/reach. Choose to help – do something for others, something that is needed large or small, just do something.  This also includes being kind to the Earth, and all creatures great and small. 

These kindnesses will radiate your love in to the world and create a ripple effect such that all will receive when one person chooses kindness.

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Laura Hammett, M.A.

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