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March 24, 2022


Today I want to share my feelings about the qualities and benefits of Gratitude.  I realized in my quiet time of meditation and contemplation today, that Gratitude encompasses the five values expressed by Delta Foundation for Spiritual Studies.  Let’s take a moment to look closer at these values and see their beauty as they relate to gratitude.

When we are living a spiritual life, when we are in alignment with Spirit and our true nature, we are living a grateful life.  The gift is feeling this gratitude in every situation in which we find ourselves .  What may feel like a negative or painful experience still holds a gift for us and we can have gratitude for the learning experience we received.  So gratitude is another aspect of Love and we should practice it every day.

Gratitude is an expansion of our heart.  It holds within it the energy of Love and the recognition that when we are grateful we are connecting to something that is larger than we are.  It is saying that there is something out there that is giving us this gift of Life.  Life is a gift.  To express gratitude for that gift is to send that beautiful energy out so it builds and grows.  As others do this as well we are able to shift the collective consciousness.

Within the state of deep, heartfelt gratitude resides Love on the purest Soul level.  And within this Love we find our 5 values.  First we have Love one another.  Love for ourselves and others is the All there Is.  It is the foundation and energy behind everything.  We are here to shine the Light of Love into the world.

Next we have Practice Gratitude.  Gratitude is an expression of Divine Love.  It needs no explanation.  Just like LOVE, Gratitude Is.  When we live in a state of gratitude and love, we are aligned with the joy of Life and the result is pure enjoyment.  This is the power of living in the NOW, this is Enjoying the Moment.  Next we flow into Create Always.  We are creative beings.  We are always creating through every thought, feeling and action.  From a state of Love and Gratitude we are creating for the highest and greatest good of ALL.  This is using our Divine Creative Will.  From this creative energy, which I call manifesting, we create abundance, joy and fulfillment at our deepest Soul level.

Finally, we have Be still and know.  When we are aligned with Spirit through a state of gratitude, we hold stillness and knowing within.  As with our meditation practices, moving through our daily life in a state of gratitude allows us to be focused and aware of guidance and inner knowing.  We are not driven by the constant chatter of our ego mind.  We are in the Universal flow of Love and Light which brings calm awareness to us.  So I challenge you to look closer at Gratitude and how and when you experience it in your life.  Maybe a small shift is all you need to make a huge difference in your life and others.

I send you Love and blessings for peace, love and joy in your life.

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Karen A. Baker, Psy.D.

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Karen A. Baker, Psy.D.

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evidence-based Benefits of Meditation Practice include:

Health Benefits

Lower blood pressure
Aid in pain relief
Manage diabetes
Aid in IBS symptoms
Alzheimer's disease - prevention
Heart disease - prevention
Lower stress
Improve sleep
Boost weight loss
Control fatigue

Psychological benefits

Reduce anxiety
Reduce depression
Improves focus
Aid in concentration
Supports healing trauma
Manage chronic stress

Well being benefits

Life purpose and meaning
Transcendent peak experiences
Equanimity – mental calmness
Compassion and self-acceptance
Cultivation and deepening of personal spirituality
Creates space to receive the answers you seek

Our Values

Love one another

Practice gratitude

Enjoy the moment

Create always

Be still and know