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February 4, 2024

Channeling Life by The Delta Foundation - PODCAST

Listen to our Podcast: Channeling Life by The Delta Foundation

Karen A. Baker, PsyD works with Laura Hammett M.A. as she channels guidance, support and loving messages, helpful for all. Each episode includes a direct channeled message of the Light and only the Light, along with a lively discussion and a little bit of background information about how this amazing and unexpected friendship came to be.

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Karen A. Baker, Psy.D.

About the author



Laura Hammett, M.A.

About the author

evidence-based Benefits of Meditation Practice include:

Health Benefits

Lower blood pressure
Aid in pain relief
Manage diabetes
Aid in IBS symptoms
Alzheimer's disease - prevention
Heart disease - prevention
Lower stress
Improve sleep
Boost weight loss
Control fatigue

Psychological benefits

Reduce anxiety
Reduce depression
Improves focus
Aid in concentration
Supports healing trauma
Manage chronic stress

Well being benefits

Life purpose and meaning
Transcendent peak experiences
Equanimity – mental calmness
Compassion and self-acceptance
Cultivation and deepening of personal spirituality
Creates space to receive the answers you seek

Our Values

Love one another

Practice gratitude

Enjoy the moment

Create always

Be still and know