Delta Foundation for Spiritual Studies offers individual services for anyone wanting to take a deeper and more in-depth journey and exploration.

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Karen A. Baker, PsyD

Dr. Baker practices as an intuitive psychologist through the Delta Foundation; she is a licensed clinical psychologist and the founder and CEO of Delta Foundation for Spiritual Studies. Dr. Baker is also a practicing clinical psychologist and co-owner of Goodman Psychologist Associates, in St. Charles, Illinois. Dr. Baker completed her B.A. at Judson University and earned her Masters and Doctorate degrees through the Illinois School of Professional Psychology. She began her Spiritual and Intuitive training with yoga, focusing and meditation classes. She continues with her Intuitive and Spiritual education and training. She has found that assisting clients in connecting with their own intuitive strengths is exponentially effective in helping achieve one’s individual goals for their highest good. She is experienced at developing effective therapeutic relationships and works with adolescents, and adults at the Delta Foundation in Geneva, Illinois.

“I understand that people are facing many difficult situations presenting challenges in today’s society. Individuals oftentimes seek help because they seek understanding, and hope for a resolution and change. I believe in every situation there is always hope for healing and growth.”

Dr. Baker practices as an intuitive psychologist at the Delta Foundation. Her intuitive psychotherapy sessions will help you get connected with your true self and learn and understand what is best for you, through connection and teaching and practicing how to turn within. She will work with you to support you, on your journey of remembering and becoming you. Scheduling individual sessions with Dr. Baker at the Delta Foundation is handled through her therapy practice, Goodman Psychologist Associates.

Some insurance accepted

$225 per 55 minute session.

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Nicole Watters

Nicole Watters is a Spiritual Medium and Healer, and is the Director of Training and Education for Delta Foundation for Spiritual Studies; she openly shares her spiritual knowledge. She is a gifted entrepreneur, teacher and Healer.

Nicole has experienced her unique spiritual gifts of intuition and mediumship since birth. She has always had a very strong clear connection to the Angelic realms and Source/God the Creator. Nicole is a practicing spiritual empath and healer. She teaches meditation, intuitive classes and offers individual readings and healings. She is a certified Reiki Master and a certified Medium and Angelic Intuitive.

“I trust and accept that all are united in the purest vibration of Love and Light and where one light shines, more show up to grow and glow brighter in oneness and Love.”

Nicole is also a Soul Alignment Emissary; she assists and aligns people to their soul needs. As a vibrational healer and a channel and purifier of divine energy she pulls through and radiates the highest frequencies of Source to assist in the ascension of all souls and the earth.

Nicole is a Divine Channel of Light Language, the language and frequency of the Source, which is used to lift, heal, and align all souls to their highest self and connection to Source. She meditates and journals daily and shares her love and broad knowledge of crystals in her personal and individual healing and intuitive work.

Nicole has worked with many Native peoples and has been called by Spirit to use these gifts and skills to travel the country doing sacred land healings and ceremonies. She practices and lives her spiritual connection in all aspects of her life. Nicole is constantly receiving messages and guidance from Spirit. She feels this is a blessing and with beauty, grace and love models this to others so they can choose to experience this in their lives.

$90 per 30 minute session.

Service offerings include:
- 30 Minute Intuitive Reading - IN-PERSON
- 30 Minute Vibrational Healing - IN-PERSON
- 30 Minute Intuitive Reading - VIRTUAL
- 30 Minute Vibrational Healing - VIRTUAL

To schedule a full hour reading, please choose 2, 30 minute consecutive available times during enrollment.

Please note: Healing sessions are only ever 30 minutes.

In-Person sessions are in the Geneva office.

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Patrick Massey, MD, PhD, MhD

Dr. Massey is the President of ALT-MED Medical and Physical Therapy Integrative Medicine, and the Author of “Miracles or I Have No More Boils” Dr. Massey is on staff at the Alexian Brothers Medical Center and has an active medical practice in Elk Grove Village IL. He is also the past director of the program in complementary and alternative medicine for the Alexian Brothers Hospital Network. A long-time featured writer for the Daily Herald newspaper, Dr. Massey has also published extensively in the traditional and nontraditional medical literature in both laboratory and clinical research.  Read more information.

Dr. Massey is a Board Member of the Delta Foundation for Spiritual Studies.
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evidence-based Benefits of Meditation Practice include:

Health Benefits

Lower blood pressure
Aid in pain relief
Manage diabetes
Aid in IBS symptoms
Alzheimer's disease - prevention
Heart disease - prevention
Lower stress
Improve sleep
Boost weight loss
Control fatigue

Psychological benefits

Reduce anxiety
Reduce depression
Improves focus
Aid in concentration
Supports healing trauma
Manage chronic stress

Well being benefits

Life purpose and meaning
Transcendent peak experiences
Equanimity – mental calmness
Compassion and self-acceptance
Cultivation and deepening of personal spirituality
Creates space to receive the answers you seek


I have been seeing Nicole Watters for quite a few years now. The first time she read me I was blown away! It was like she was a fly on the wall of my life. She is an AMAZING reader and spiritual advisor. I took the three-hour meditation class here at Delta that she taught and the meditation has elevated my peace, tranquility and spiritual connection. The office has the most amazing energy and feeling of peace. This is the real deal so look no further.
Jennifer W.
Delta Foundation is such a relaxing, enlightening place to be! The meditation courses are a wonderful way to set your own practice at home and have already changed my life for the better. The virtual videos are so helpful and easy to follow along with, and if you go in-person you get the benefit of learning directly from their amazing instructors. I can't get over how much more calm, centered, and connected I feel since beginning my own meditation practice.
Brittany T.
I highly recommend Delta Foundation for Spiritual Studies for anyone looking to learn how to tap into their own energy and find clarity in their everyday life. The online courses are fabulous, and their in-person space is a beautiful sanctuary.
Laura L.