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A Meditation Journey (with Guided Meditations)

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A Meditation Journey (with Guided Meditations)

multiple dates
In Person
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Karen A. Baker, Psy.D.

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Patrick Massey, MD, PhD, MhD

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Nicole Watters

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A 3-week VIRTUAL instructor led, self-paced course which combines experiential meditation and practice with lecture for a thorough background of the health and physiological benefits  of meditation.  Over the course of 3 weeks, you will view and participate in education and meditation training which provide the framework to set your individual meditation practice.

Plus you will receive additional instructor led Expanded training, taking a deeper dive into the different types of guided meditations along with learning about the current research and health benefits which support each.

This course will help you to:

  • Virtually learn and practice meditating, led by an experienced spiritual practitioner
  • Understand the health and psychological benefits of different types of meditation 
  • Receive a basic overview of the physiological and psychological benefits and current research supporting a meditation practice
  • Learn and experience how to prepare yourself for meditation
  • Experience how to select and design your meditation environment 
  • Gain a basic understanding of the historical background of meditation