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The Delta Foundation for Spiritual Studies offers a variety of courses. workshops, lectures and events in multiple formats.  
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evidence-based Benefits of Meditation Practice include:

Health Benefits

Lower blood pressure
Aid in pain relief
Manage diabetes
Aid in IBS symptoms
Alzheimer's disease - prevention
Heart disease - prevention
Lower stress
Improve sleep
Boost weight loss
Control fatigue

Psychological benefits

Reduce anxiety
Reduce depression
Improves focus
Aid in concentration
Supports healing trauma
Manage chronic stress

Well being benefits

Life purpose and meaning
Transcendent peak experiences
Equanimity – mental calmness
Compassion and self-acceptance
Cultivation and deepening of personal spirituality
Creates space to receive the answers you seek

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I have been seeing Nicole Watters for quite a few years now. The first time she read me I was blown away! It was like she was a fly on the wall of my life. She is an AMAZING reader and spiritual advisor. I took the three-hour meditation class here at Delta that she taught and the meditation has elevated my peace, tranquility and spiritual connection. The office has the most amazing energy and feeling of peace. This is the real deal so look no further.
Jennifer W.
Delta Foundation is such a relaxing, enlightening place to be! The meditation courses are a wonderful way to set your own practice at home and have already changed my life for the better. The virtual videos are so helpful and easy to follow along with, and if you go in-person you get the benefit of learning directly from their amazing instructors. I can't get over how much more calm, centered, and connected I feel since beginning my own meditation practice.
Brittany T.
I highly recommend Delta Foundation for Spiritual Studies for anyone looking to learn how to tap into their own energy and find clarity in their everyday life. The online courses are fabulous, and their in-person space is a beautiful sanctuary.
Laura L.